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Avoid Scaling of Concrete Pavement 

What causes scaling?

Scaling concrete surfaces are generally a result of improper finishing of the concrete or lack of curing. If excess water is added to the surface of the concrete during placement and finishing, the water/cement ratio on the surface may be drastically increased; thus creating a much weaker surface. Also, scaling can be caused by improper care of concrete.


2 Ways to Avoid Scaling


Proper placing, finishing, and curing procedures are required for good, durable concrete. No finishing operations shall be performed when there is excess moisture or bleed water on the surface. No water shall be added to the concrete surface to assist in finishing. Steel troweling or overworking of the concrete surface is not recommended. Provide proper curing by using liquid membrane curing compound or by covering the surface of freshly placed slabs with wet burlap immediately after the final finishing operation.

Curing insures the proper combination of cement with water known as hydration, which allows the concrete to achieve its highest potential strength.

You wouldn't use a strong, caustic soap to clean your new wall-to-wall carpet! Nor would you use acid to clean your new kitchen or bathroom fixtures! In fact, you're pretty careful how you clean and take care of your new home inside.

So, what about outside concrete driveways, walks, patios, porches and steps? You should give the concrete around your house the same consideration as your interior! It's quality concrete, so take proper care and don't abuse it.

Avoid using any deicing chemicals on concrete less than two years old. The only safe material to use to make the concrete surface skid resistant is plain sand. Remove snow and ice from the slab and use sand for traction

Never use deicers containing ammonium sulphate or ammonium nitrate. These chemicals are often packaged and sold as deicers, but they cause surface defects in concrete.


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